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One alternative explantion of the origin of life I have never seen commented on is the one which actually does reconcile what scripture actually says and doesn't say with that part of Darwinian
theoiry which can actually be empirically proven by what we actually observe.

Young Earth theory is obviously untenable but so is abiogenesis and spontaneous generation because Louis Pasteur conclusively disproved it's tenability 150 years ago.

The first sentence of the Genesis account is exactly that - a closed sentence presenting a thought complete within itself. It ends with a period. The next sentence begins the expression of a separate, different thought - not merely a detailed recapitulation of what was contained in the previous sentence.

God created the heavens and the earth. The scriptures say nothing about how long ago this process occured or how long it took to accomplish.

At later point in time God prepared a dark, water-covered Earth to be hospitable to sustain organic life and proceeded to "bring forth" the plant and animal species "to reproduce aftrer their own kind".

Later, and as a separate, discrete act, He formed man out of the dust of the earth (and not out of the flesh of any animal).

The period of time which passed between the first and second sentences of the creation account could well have encompassed several billions of years during which God himself did nothing in
relation to the earth, but that does not mean that nothing could have happened. It simply means that anything that possibly did happen is of no relevance to infotming us of how what we presently see around us came to be.

The Book of Revelation of John tells us that there was war in Heaven and that rebellious angels were cast out of Heaven down to earth because as Peter's espitle states: "they did not regard their proper fiirst place and were cast out". These rebellious spirit creatures and their leader Satan apparently had plenty of time to themselves on earth to make (they had no power to actually "create" since only God can do that) all manner of mutating defective species of animals in need of constant changing and suffering deleterious evolutionary mutation because of the high residual radiation levels which had not yet subsided through the normal emissive decay processes. These species included pongid/hominids who were Satan's mental defective attempts at making worshippers for himself but several series of them all lacked the requisite intelligence to recognize the concept of having been made or that of a maker.

Modern scientists dig up the artifacts of these failed life forms and simply because they bear some similarity in appearance to ones that are familiar to us today wrongly infer that the former type gradually, accidentally changed into the latter. Mutation can result in breed differences and different traits being expressed by different individuals within a fixed species but the modern species themselves having been made by God are fixed to consistently reproduce after their own kind and never mutate across species or genius lines and never have since God created them after the last of a series of global geological/ecological/climatic cataclyms destroyed all previously existing Satanic ones from off the face of the earth. Those currently living did not descend from the previously existing Satanicly made ones.

This simple explanation allows for evolution to have at one time in the distant past functioned precisely as Darwin speculates it to have but affirms the literal direct Creatorship of God as
regards presently existing living thins including human beings.