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Whatever form "religion" (the humanly invented system of how to define what values system and ontological philosophy group thought may choose to relativisticaly define at any point in time as being deserving of adherence) may take simple teleological and cosmological fact is a known, immutable, universal, fixed quantity.

The fact that The Creator has no particular preference for any one organized denominational religion over any other is illustrated by Jesus' warning to "the seven churches" in John's vision of the seven candlesticks. He praises each for acc[etong Him in name but warns each of subtle error which they cherish and that unless guarded against it will prevent them from coming to full knowledge.

True science just like true obedience to the absolute (not culturally relative) rules established and
published by the inspiration of the Creator does not co-exist very well with any dogmatic religious beliefs, be they theistic, deistic, atheistic, or humanistic.