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This topic and discussion has reminded me of my own evolution regarding religion. I was raised Catholic, but that is likely of little importance at this stage of my evolution. As I recall there have been many things that I have questioned regarding their validity or truth. One of the first religious stories that I questioned was how did Noah get all those animals to keep from killing one another? Other things that I have been questioned are "Ten Commandments" from God, life after death , and heaven and hell. At this point I am wondering what part of creation requires a God? Then there is the great question about who created God. It seems that as human beings we invent stories or supernatural creatures to explain the unexplained. The fact that there are those that actually believe these stories or myths is disturbing. I must conclude that those that are prone to be gullible in this regard are seeking comfort of some sort rather than truth. All is not so simple. The world or Cosmos is much more complicated. But the path to truth is not a smooth and simple one.