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Noah was able to keep animals from killing each other by building separate compartment pens for each on different stories of the ark as was explained in the fairly detailed description of the ark which is provided in Scripture. Most vast majority of all land animals are no larger than a rabbit and if we pay careful attention to what God says about the reason for bringing the flood we discover that it's [urpose was not to destroy all life on the earth - merely all corrupted humanity and the Satanicly spawned Nephilim who had corrupted the human gene pool. Therefore the flood did not have to be global - it merely had to inundate the areas where humans and Nephilim hybrids had migrated to. Water could have covered the tops of the highest mountains in the middle east at the altitude that they sat at AT THAT TIME. Lyell uniformitarianism works fairly well when used to describe the usually occuring state of affairs but fails miserably when it comes to predicting the rate of geological change which can occur during catasprophes such as massive volcanic explosions or seaquakes which cause great tsunamis.
Asking what created God is simply incompetent. He is eternally self-existing. The fact that some humans may not be able to intellectually get their minds around that fact is why he is God and they are not.