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Religion is not "evolving". Man is. The truth cannot change only our perception, interpretation and knowledge of it. The reason we understand more today is that we (collective humanity) are different than we were. Our capacities have increased.

You are correct in saying that religion does not make a man either good or evil. Religion is not the destination but the goal to which we all aspire. God has laid out a set of rules, laws and ordinances that we are to follow and has given us examples of and rewards for why we should follow them. He has also given us free will to do as we please. We need to understand that there are consequences for our actions. We will be held responsible for what we do and do not do. An analogy would be the world of the womb. In it we are prepared for the next world to come. One in which we know nothing about but are not stopped in being born to it. In the world of the womb, we develope the needed tools for this world. We have eyes, ears and limbs though we do not need them in the womb. It is as if we had no free will. We develope as we are meant without any input from us. Once into this world, we recognize the importance of having developed the needed tools in the womb. Those that do not develope correctly are thought to be handicapped in this world.

In this world, God gives us free will. He tells us that another world exist that we know little or nothing about. He gives us the choice to abide in his laws or face the consequences. We need to develope the necessary tools in this world for the next. These tools include love, patience, understanding, and all of the other qualities and attributes of God. This is for our benefit not his. When you tell your children to eat their vegetables, it is out of concern that without them they will lack the necessary vitamins to grow and be healthy, not because we want to cause pain or show we have power over them.

To me, God's truth has not changed. There is still only one God. He loves us and will never leave us alone or without spiritual guidance. What has changed are his social teachings. How do we relate to and treat others of our family, clan, city, state, nation and ,now, world. What is acceptable to eat and what is not. The rules for marriage and divorice. These changed because man's capacity to know and understand changed. As we come to understand the true nature of God, we see that he is being a loving parent to a growing and maturing human race. Just as you changed the rules for your children. Your 18 year old does not have a 7:00pm bedtime any longer. You don't let your eight year old drive. Why? Through the growing and maturing process comes knowledge and wisdom. Both of which I believe humanity is struggling to acquire. As we in our own adolescence had difficulty, humanity is now. It may take time for us to come to the true understanding that we are one, that I am my brother's keeper and that we do need each other. 1COR 13:11 has been used lately to remind us that the ideas and answers of the past are not necessarily always correct. That we need to look at the problems anew for to find new solutions. We (collective humanity as a collective world) can and will unite as we are supposed to do. We cannot stop or hinder divine providence, we can only be or not be a part of it. Let's use our free choice and be a part of it, together.