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The real problem with trying to reconcile biblical religion wih the theory of evolution is that two time periods which produced each (biblical scripture, theory of evolution) are so different and seperated that they are not reconcileable. The historical period during which biblical scripture was written was between 2500 BC and 300 AD. And modern science, which produced theories such as evolution, Newtonian Physics, Quantum Physics, has only been around since the time of Galileo. Therefore it is completely unreasonable to state that there is any modern science in the biblical text. Anyone who does so forgets that the biblical text are in no way a science book.

Also I don't believe it is necessary or important to reconcile the biblical text with scientific theories or discoveries. Up to this point the only argument for doing so that has been presented to me runs along some variation of the following "If this one part of the biblical text is not true than there is no reason to believe or follow any of it." This is an extremely weak argument and it falls apart quickly if you ask anyone if they are even trying to follow all of the recommendations of biblical scripture. If they are bold enough to answer yes, then the follow up question is why do they still support slavery? So far no one I have communicated with does support human slavery, yet the biblical text do not give a wishy washy endorsement of slavery. It actually tells you where you can buy your slaves and that you can pass them on to your children as property. (Leviticus 25:44-46) Yet in modern culture, no sane person believes that it is right to own another person as property. So if we don't follow those clearly stated biblical laws because we believe they are no longer revelevant why is it so important that the biblical are acurate about the exact origins of life on earth?
There are a lot of great things in the biblical text that are revelevant to how we interact as human beings with each other, as well as, what can be considered moral behavior. These passages stand alone and are not tainted or threatened by the theory of evolution or any other modern scientific theory.