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Jessica wrote 2 days ago:

"The difference, I think, is that from a strictly evolutionary standpoint, this chaos and brutality is how the world is supposed to be, the only way the world could ever be, whereas from a Judeo-Christian perspective, God in his goodness and his power is able to use even the chaos of a fallen world to bring forth life--but God himself is not chaotic or brutal. "

Jessica, I submit to you that duality is the very fabric of existence. Darkness is defined by light and sorrow is defined by joy. Ying-yang, and all that. Notions of eternal suffering or eternal bliss are oxymorons every bit as much as "military intelligence."

And respectfully, I don't know of any being, real or mythical, more chaotic and brutal than the Judeo-Christian God described in the Bible. This God kills those who won't bow to him, butchers the first-born of Egypt who were innocent noncombatants, then tells us to forgive our enemies and love each other. To me, this is sociopathic madness.