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What you aspire is cogent, Mark. You already got it. Go and show it as you write it. Understanding others make us human. The paradox is thinking that we have to be right and interpretate things as true. Mistakes have built our experience and learning. Learning is an ongoing process from the cradle to the grave; and spiritually taking, we are transpassing these limits ethically.

Our understanding today is changing to simplicity. It is going back to the native roots of innocence, where we express the qualities of God just with mere breathing. That breathing connection is what make us alive and together. The investigation of religion is an act of introspection to discover we are not alone: that is the big lesson. An end is a new beginning. We refuse to walk in controversy, we feel insecure, and lost; but, that is part of our life transitions. It leads us to immense spiritual growth. We don't need to reconciliate differences when we accept them with joy, and recognize other points of view as other people's answers: is that love?

When I feel a tremendous need of "religion," I go out of mind to love others as I love myself.