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You are correct that spiritual learning is a lifelong persuit. Even when we don't think we are learning, we do. I believe that humans have an inate knowledge of a higher source and I believe that we are driven to find and aspire to that higher being. We know right from wrong at a fairly early age. So why does it become harder for us at an older age. If truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtue (as I am told) then why can we not trust those around us? If the Golden Rule applies to all, then why are we this way? For me, how I react to you has no relation to how you react to me. I love the fact that when you need religion you love others as you love yourself. Are we not told to do this every day and to every person? This is the real test we are given. How do we love those that do not love us? That is the learning that we must do from cradle to grave. If we can accomplish this, then our spirituality will never surpass our ethics.

The big lesson is that we have never been alone. In all of the books that have been handed down by all of the spiritual leaders in all of the countries, one of the main themes is that God will never leave us alone. We may feel that he has forgotten us or that he is not invloved in our lives. What happens is that as you say, we have lost the ability to hear and see Him with our heart's eye. I think part of the reason is that we forget our true self and get too immersed in the living of an earthly material existance. The bird loves to fly. If it were up to him, he would soar heavenward for his entire life. But he cannot. He must come back down to earth to sleep and eat. He needs to be careful as to not allow his wings to acquire too much dust and become bogged down so that he may again fly into the higher regions. When we feel lost, we have all of the writings left to us to read and find peace. But we are required to take action. We must seek them out and read. With action comes assistance. We all too often wait for him to help us that we forget that we can help ourselves.