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I believe that the Pope may have been talking about Christianity not all of the major religions of the world. If we look at them we see from Adam (no existing religion left) to Baha'u'llah (considered to be the latest major religion circa 1844). Adam starts at the point of time. No records survive from his time. Only, as I believe, accounts from the Torah. He is followed by Krishna with Hinduism in about 3,000BCE, Abraham with Judaism in about 2,000BCE, Zoroaster with Zoroastrianism in about 630BCE, Budda with Buddhism in about 480BCE, Christ with Christianity in 32, Mohammed with Islam in 560CE and Baha'u'llah with Bahai in 1863CE. The major world religions in about 5,000 years. That covers a lot of time and change. Not only in the people but in the regions, the world as we know it and cultures that have spread worldwide due to the introduction of travel. I can see the evolutionary part but the part about the same time would have to leave out many respected and old worldwide religions.

This to me is part of the problem with religion. We tend to see our own as the be all, end all for the world. We discount or exclude those who do not believe our way. This thinking has led to wars and hatred spanning almost the entire history of man. When will it stop? Why can't we agree that we are all brother and sisters regardless of the religion or lack thereof. All have the right to believe or not believe. Is it not called free will by most of the world's religions? It is not for me to judge but to teach. Lets sit down and discuss our religions. The similarities, the differences, the laws, the history, the founders, the interpretations and if at the end, you wish to join, fantasic. If not, then fantastic too. Because while you and I sit and talk of God and our religions, are we not also learning from each other and more about this unknowable essense we call God. What could be better.

Your statement about sin and mortality is only considered if you believe that man is born with or into sin. The concept of original sin. Not all Christians believe this way nor most of the world's religions. I believe that man is and was created noble and that through his choices and the excercise of his free will, he sins.