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Welcome! bustero1. It is important to keep the "first love" alive in all stages of our personal evolution. Knowing that we have a growing "native tree of knowledge" about religion, we should not forget to reinvigorate its roots with innocence

What makes comfort in our beliefs is not knowing we have the truth or have freedom from moral wrong, but keeping the enthusiasm to learn.

It takes a great deal of inner security and courage to be able to risk one’s self in understanding others. “Seek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand” (St. Augustine). This is the main ethical command for the real world: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

A typical example is when we hear some Christians all sorts of difficult and complicated arguments based on the literal meaning of the religion of the book from which they speak His word, know His word, but don't (the change is mine) do His word (Joshua 1: 8-9).

Believe that we may understand the command of loving our neighbor -- included our enemies -- starts with a non-judgmental position toward them. Whether we indeed love and do well to those who hate us, or behave in a way we disapprove of, we must believe that we may understand why they are not doing His word.

Thus, whether they believe that they may understand their faith, they should not try to convince anyone about the truth; instead they should spread the light of Christ around the world in every individual in spite of their weaknesses.