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I am very intrigued by the ancient wisdom about debt that's been lost in our modern capitalist narrative. I wonder if we are condemned to repeat history's lesson or worst, that Marxist commentary and predictions would fulfill themselves at the beginning of another century. The excess of the financial market have not only raised its ugly head, but have trump common values of money and blinded us to the pitfalls of vice. Greed, envy, and pride are disguised as market opportunities, executive compensation, and a blind belief in the market. Much was said in the Jewish bible about debt, its underbelly in society, and liberation. It was Rabbi Jesus in the first century AD whose message of forgiveness from debt brought the Old Testament message into sharper focus. Perhaps Wall Street is closer to the heart of our religious salvation then Sunday morning collection plate. I've tried to comment on this in a blog about the Moral Conundrum of the Economic Bailout (, but would like to see a more comprehensive commentary on the subject. "Peace on earth, good will to men" was more then just a nice Christmas jingle, it was about forgiveness and balance sheets, that human flourishing (Shalom) who come to all men.