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I try to listen to your program every Sunday and I really love this program. I come from Mississippi. I grew up in a household with a Southern Baptist stepfather and a Catholic mother. My stepfather was intolerant of our Catholic upbringing. I went to the University of Southern Mississippi and got my B.S. in History and Philosophy/Religion with a minor in English and I also became certified as a Secondary Education Teacher. I really believe my upbringing led me toward a strong Liberal Arts education. I furthered my education at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama and got a Masters in Theological Studies. Despite the fact my training in graduate school was in Catholic theology, I am profoundly interested in other faiths and what they can offer in the narrative of interfaith dialogue. I just bought Krista's book at Books a Million. I can't hardly wait to read it. I think that the majority of the shows on this program are "graced moments" in a culture of distractions. I also think that Repossessing Virtue may be the wrong way to describe it. I don't want to argue semantics but it believe we are in the process of becoming virtuous only we have both understand and rid ourselves of unvirtuous habits and ideas. I thought this was a profound show and especially Palmer's discussion on teaching and trust because that made it especially relevant to my profession and I plan to buy some of his books in the future.