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Thank you for reading my essay. I appreciate your interesting comments and kind words.

Thank goodness for the Peace Corps and those who serve in it. What an experience!

I agree with Christopher that we are meant to learn and love and respect. Many have a faith that is inflexible, but none of our paths are — there is so often a turn, a dead end, or a bump in the road. Being unloving and judgmental is frustrating and very painful, and I think it either begins or ends with self condemnation.

I'm grateful to SOF and to a few people who did not look down on me, but engaged me in thought provoking conversations. This essay began as a "thank you" to SOF, and given this opportunity, I also thank Rev. David Hinrichs and his wife Claire Rene, Rev. Colleen Natalie-Lees, Sarah Bartz, and Meg Scholberg. I learned a lot from the example of Annamary and David Dean and my grandmother, Jean Johnson.

Update: I am no longer the Volunteer Coordinator at A Center for the Arts

Correction: I have recently learned that my church history was incorrect. The two churches began to worship in the same building one year before the tornado. I am sorry for the error.