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Krista: I am an avid fan, which is interesting, since I am a convinced atheist! Fun, and quite philosophically defensible, arguments. Despite being irreligious, and certainly "god less", I still come from a Muslim background, and I am a linguist to boot (!), and so I always wonder about one thing. Why is it that the English speakers, and mostly evangelical christians, use the term "Allah" to refer to the god of the Muslims as if he is a different god? As I am sure you know, Allah is the Arabic word for god, and in Persian he is "khoda" and in other languages, other things. A Russian Muslim still believes in "bog" and an English one in "god" and a French one in "dieu". It also is not like Jesus used the word "God" to refer to his god, he actually used something close to Arabic "allah", namely "ilah". So, why has no one picked up on this.

Also, why don't you talk more about historical faiths such as Manichaism? I like to hear about those...