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Vashti McKenzie sounded great and sincere saying, "I don't want to be treated differently because of my race or my gender." I'm a teenager of the 70's and how could I not fall in love with that statement. But when you asked to her to explain the expressions of Jeremiah Right, well the wheels fell off. Just listen to her reasoning: first, it wasn't HIS thoughts that he was expressing they were those of others. Second, it's part of the African American prophetic theology. Third, she went off into unrelated stories of Africa and how the BBC's perception of America isn't the same as what we see here. Hello! No, kidding.

The bottom line is, and for some reason even reasonable people like Vashti McKenzie can't see it,
hate speech is hate speech.

I'm racking up the defense of Jeremiah Right by African Americans everywhere no matter what hateful things he says to the same phenomenon as what I call the O.J. principle. He's African American and no matter what must somehow be right. Of course, you won't find an African American anywhere today who believes OJ was really innocent of the murders and likewise it'll just be a period of time for the community to wake up to the fact that Jeremiah Right was God damned wrong!