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i see the current crisis both personally & culturally as one of facing my/our own greed for more, more & MORE. Some time in the last 10 years I lost the ability to say "no" to myself when i wanted to purchase things or go on trips or go to a concert etc. Now the universe has intervened for all of us, with a giant "NO." Fortunately i did not get myself into dire financial straits with my irresponsibility but i do have an annoying credit card bill to pay down. Its getting there which is reassuring, but even more reassuring is the actual comfort i feel when i tell myself "no.' these days. In the past saying no seemed to be a deprivation of some kind, but now it seems calming. i don't need all that crap AND it really just weighed me down (what to buy, where to go, what to do etc). now i have this space, a freedom where before it seemed there was this little monster that needed feeding, but was never quite sated.

As to moral & spiritual resources, wisdom & leadership, i, as always, look to my Buddhist practices for solace in uncertain times, assured that all things are impermanent & knowing that this too shall pass.