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I have been very thoughtful since Sept. 29th, the first big dip in the stock market and following as event unraveled. I preach and I teach a tradition that has hope and faith and love as its pillars and yet the economic events affected me by shaking me a bit. Wondering, well, when will I be able to retire, or will I, and it looks like any travel I had hoped to do in the next 10 years will not be done. My job seems secure but my salary is voted on by 50 people in a Protestant congregation. What will they have to say about my salary and what kind of anxiety will they bring to the vote? I am thoughtful about people who may lose their jobs or get foreclosed on their house. What would it mean to help them? What would that look like? So, I am reading Help by Garrett Keiser. I look to wise people to gain some insight. Parker Palmer's interview was great. Adam Hamilton had a fine sermon I found online and then he had a commentary in Sojourner's. I also went to those in generations past: Reinhold Neibuhr, Evelyn Underhill. I listened to the interview with Martin Marty about three times. My anxiety is very high because of the uncertainty. I do think this time offers enormous opportunity for growth, for pondering what is really important, for developing cherished relationships. I admit that I am still in a bit of a shock and am trying to find a new center to consider what it means to walk into the future with a very difference sense of wealth than what I had several months ago.