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I think great inroads were made at General Council 4 years ago when Zollie Smith, an African-American, was elceted director of U.S. Missions. And Herbert Cooper, an African-American A/G senior pastor in OK City, preached one night at GC 2009 in Orlando.My home A/G church actually mirrors our comunity pretty well. We have a growing group of African-American members, several of whom are in visible ministry positions (choir, worship team, ushers, teachers). We have a group of about 100 Latinos, who have their own Spanish-language Sunday School class and Wednesday night Bible study, and a monthly fellowship night, but their children and youth are integrated in the regular children's and student minsitries, and we have simultaneous translation on FM radio for the Sunday morning worship.And we have a handful of Asian-Americans. We're much closer in reflecting the percentages in our city than we were 10 years ago.Daniel, I'm not sure I would classify the language districts as a separate authority structure. Sure, the Spanish-language districts have geographical overlap with the English districts, and there are multiple Spanish districts because of the size of the Latino constituency, but we also have German, Brazilian/Portuguese, Slavic, and Korean districts, which may not be as noticeable because they are language districts that cover the whole country, not just a geographical region like the Spanish districts do.