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Bikram yoga has had a profound impact on me since I began going regularly in February. I had been dabbling with different kinds of yoga for years, not finding the right setting or routine to make it stick. Bikram has changed all that. The heat helps me get out of my head, as Krista says, and the routine is comforting but never dull. And certainly never easy! The Bikram practice is like a mini-metaphor for life: some days are harder than others. Somedays, just showing up is the best you can do. On the best days, you kick butt in practice and walk out on top of the world. But always, when I make it through the challenge of a 90 minute Bikram session, I feel stronger, braver, wiser, and more open to the universe. I don't quite understand it and that's okay too. It's mystical, but it's real.