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I discovered yoga in the late 90's in an attempt to heal severe tendonitis from years of swimming (and surfing). This was back in the day when the only class I could find was at the senior center. I was hooked immediately. Not only did my shoulder heal, but my surfing improved dramatically! I started looking for a yoga program specifically for surfing, but there weren't any, so I became certified as a yoga instructor myself and produced a (very well-received!) instructional DVD series called Yoga for Surfers. I was determined to share my passion for yoga and surfing! I ended up quitting my long-time job as an administrator at the University of California and plunged full-time into health and wellness. Now I teach my own style of yoga (an eclectic hatha blend, informed from my studies and practice of Kundalini, Asthanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa styles) at Yoga Works in Laguna Beach, CA. I also write frequently on yoga, health and wellness in various national and international publications. I'm also a contributing editor for Clean Eating Magazine, focusing on mind-body topics. One of my epiphanies was applying the priniciples of mindfulness to the act of eating! Now I teach people how to make peace with food through my Yoga of Eating programs. For more information, please visit and