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Cliche is good word for how I felt reading this essay, Kate. There is much we share, and many ways we are different, but your thoughts stimulated a recollection of the very cliched (if that's a made up word, so be it): "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear".

I'm also a yoga convert, and a recent one at that. Oh, I had tried a few classes, and even bought a couple of tapes (yes, tapes) a few years back. But, in spite of the fact hat I enjoyed the sessions and the spirituality of the folks I met along the way, I had let my practice lapse - much like my Catholicism. It was this show on Seane Corn that stimulated me to try again, and I'm so glad that I gave in to that impulse. It has been hard for me not to give in to the feeling that the time i have been away from yoga was foolishly wasted, but one day at a time (yup, also a recovering addict / alcoholic) I have found a growing peace and serenity in my practice that I hope to be able to carry over into my daily life.

At 66, some postures are quite daunting, and some I suppose I'll never master. But you know something, I honestly don't care, which is a foreign feeling for this "type A" personality, but one I'm enjoying very much. My focus is simply on doing what I can, growing where I can, heeding the maxim to "take what you need and leave the rest". I'm happy in my yoga practice, and I'm looking forward to even more learning from it in the future. Just today I signed up for the Wanderlust yoga and music festival in Vermont in late June. So like a convert, huh - just a bit over the top. But that's okay...for today.

Thanks to you, Kriista, your staff and to Seane as well for a great, inspiring show. And thanks to you, in particular, for sharing your yoga journey here. Namaste.