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Each one of us, as Americans, has an inalienable right to voice their respectful opinion on this and any subject, but something we seem to have forgotten in recent years, is that in order to form a sound Christian opinion, we would do better to follow the examples of the learned, wiser men and women who have helped form this glorious country into what it is over all of the time it has taken.

Thomas Aquinas, one of our faiths' greatest thinkers, determined that the only way a Christian Leader could really do this, was to fully examine, argue for, and by doing so come to fully appreciate and understand the exact opposite point of view from the one we normally hold so naively and so vehemently.

Living a life-ling, full and loving marriage in an opposed or heterosexual marriage is already a hard enough way to live. Ask anyone who is doing it.

To all of Americas true citizens who look beyond the fragile code of their genetic inheritances, and who peacefully walk forward, working for a more fair, equitable, safer America... that have the courage to try to accomplish this feat of great faith with all the torment a materialistic, legalistic, and increasingly judgmental modern society might throw at them, I can only hope and pray that in time, we will all come to know the truth and compassion that Jesus would teach us all.

After all, It only takes being prepared to open up and learn for a short period of time, before... we consider what the bible tells us about loving compassion, and maybe... judging others.