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I really don’t understand why this is a big deal. Being Gay does not determine a persons faith anymore then being white, black or male or female. A person’s faith or relationship with God is off limits. I think the best book so far on this issue written is by Jack Rogers; The Bible, Jesus and homosexuality. I think his argument is great. You should check the book out.


I think looking back to Dietrich Bonheoffer and his book Cost of Discipleship. Bonheoffer has an amazing point on this matter. How many babies have been baptized in this country and how many of those babies have turned out to be gay. We don’t know. All we know they are baptized. Anybody who is baptized in the water can not be abused by the church or mistreated. Bonheoffer says that is a huge sin against the church. When we hurt a person whom has been baptized in the water and spirit of Christ you are in essence hurting the church and hurting Christ. How many gay people are baptized in this country……Just wondering?

One more idea. What are we going to do when all of our veterans come home from the war that are gay? You can’t tell me that there are no service men and woman serving in this war that are not Gay. So, a soldier goes off to fight and looses a arm or leg or just comes home from this ridiculous war. Don’t you think he deserves his/her rights to be married?.......Just wondering…… Equal rights and equality for all need to a fore front for this nation…..