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I would like to hear, with SoF/Being's consumate skill, a discussion about how American attitudes toward both gay clergy and gay marriage have global impacts. For example, the Anglican Communion/Episcopal Church is split here and abroad over its stance on gay rights. Here, the rhetoric can get ugly and devisive, but in places like Nigeria the church has supported making being gay (and family members who shelter them) a crime. In Nigerian communities that are largely Muslim, homosexuality can be a capital crime, meaning it can be punishable by death. I would like to hear how people think about their homophobic views, particularly homophobia sanctioned by the church, once they contemplate whether or not their view tacitly encourages a "license to kill" in other countries. Would people be so ready to condemn homosexual behavior if they knew that kind of support was actually getting people killed? For me, the most articulate clerical spokesperson I've found on the issue of what the Bible actually says, and does not say, about homosexuality is the Rev Ed Townley (Dallas, TX, "Higher Ground" talks, http://www.spiritexpressing.or.... I would like to hear his view on the clear stand-off between "Thou Shalt Not Kill" and what we now read into the ambiguous scriptural statements about sexual behavior and community values 2000 years ago.