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I just finished listening to the show with Richard Muow, and I must say, I don't think I can recall another episode that elicited so many conflicting emotions over the course of the interview. As a 21 year old woman raised my entire life by a lesbian couple, this show really struck a chord with me. As much as I appreciated Muow's concillatory approach, I came away feeling like he'd just perpetuated a terribly unnecessary us-them mentality, even with the best of intentions. My goodness, for a gentleman who speaks about our "common life", he sure does divide people into groups a lot. There's "my gay and lesbian friends", "my fundamentalist friends", "my Catholic scholar friends", and "those people who disagree with us".

You know, I would really appreciate hearing from a guest who can begin to see beyond these superficial boundaries. For heaven's sake, please, take the blinders off. We're all people... American, Muslim, Transgender, Activist... Human! Living! Being!

I was fortunate enough to be raised in the shelter of one of those radical gay-friendly protestant churches.The pastor, Jim Rigby, was (and still is) constantly getting persecuted by the governance of the Presbyterian church for holding "marriage" ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples, accepting atheists into the congregation, drawing from Taoist, Jewish, and Hindu scriptures in his sermons. I was profoundly affected by the love and open-mindedness encouraged within those walls, and I still listen to Jim preach every Sunday via the podcasts they post online. I would highly recommend you consider interviewing him as a guest.

His sermons and contact information are available at the church website: