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My questions involve the previously default reason for gay rights, which was that it was genetic rather than behavior based. I understand from the LGBT's own writings that this reasoning is no longer used or perhaps undesirable. I also have questions about the gay movements strong political, educational (related to public school children), media, award recognition, and other promotional machinery. It no longer seems to me like a "let me be me," but rather a let me act like I want to act and let me recruit everyone I can to participate (the more the merrier) up to an including your children. Furthermore let me do it with impunity, special rights, and if possible grant funding.

All that said, I am against racial, religious, or gay bashing, racial, religious, or gay slurs, and any form of hate even if it does not reach the level of crime.

I also do not understand the gay communities insistence on gay "marriage" rather than the government recognizing it as a "civil union." Some churches would recognize it as a marriage perhaps and others would not. Why are we not allowed to have differences of opinions on this chosen activity? Or what some think of as an acquired appetite? Some States have legislation pending that would ban the right to even say anything negative about the LGBT lifestyle. I personally think there is much to be concerned about here.