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Thankyou for your continued efforts to nurture respect of all persons. Please, since there has been extensive research-- academic,etc. and "heart-wise"--on birth-mother/infant bonding (U of MN, U of Michigan) and others involved in birth-mother-infant stress (including interruption of these neuro-bio-psych-emo processes and experiences (Dr. Meghan Gunnar --U MN on child (infant?) stress responses)--I solemnly hope that babies' equal dignity and personhood will be very strenuously and deeply researched and considered. They already are subjected to "surrogate-or-'other' gestation, birthing and bonding interruption" in many other situations. Please, let's seriously consider consequences to Them (and so us all) as a result of broadening the "rights-of-adults-that-affect-babies". When people cannot biologically have children for many reasons, but especially two men as a couple (who also have no possibility of breastfeeding either -- consider reading Every Child's Birthright, Selma Fraiberg) we are increasing the number of persons who are affected by these adult-chosen bonding-interrupted relationships. While understanding and compassionate toward others' dilemmas, I and many believe that children are persons and gifts with responsibilities TO them--including--as much as possible--continuum gestation, birthing and parental bonding, nurture and development-- not "experiences to which an adult has soley 'experience' rights". This does not (nor hopefully will ever be used to) deny or in anyway diminish the value and preciousness of adoption-as--necessary. Rather, it acknowledges a research-grounded position that responsible, loving adoption is still harder on little (and "big") ones than responsible, loving "continuum" gestation, birthing, and parenting. I do hope that most can acknowledge at least a high probability of that last statement-as-comparative as being accurate. When not, I plead with those with another standpoint to do very broad and very extensive review of longitudinal study before placing surrogate parenting (which seems to arise more often in marriages of persons of homosexual orientation) on equal footing with comparative continuum parenting. I believe we all owe serious study and reflection on this to children--yet especially to the most vulnerable of all, the little ones who have no power to voice their hopes, their choices, their rights. We all will eventually reap the effects. We may not be able to choose the larger cultural effects on us all, but we, individually and as "groups" can seriously and solemnly develop awareness, knowledge, and compassionate toward not only adults, but also to "the least of these"--babies-who-are-affected-- during our conversations on these most serious cultural topics. Again, thankyou for this opportunity, and for your work in supporting respect of all persons--no matter how big or small, powerful of powerless, or loud or silent. Sincerely, dinosaur mom