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The one thing that struck me while listening to Richard Mouw is why homosexuality and gay marriage?  Of all of the verses in the Bible, old and new testaments, why are a few verses on homosexuality written in stone.  Without going back to research the bible, I imagine there are thousands of verses recommending OUTDATED beliefs concerning rituals, which direction your temple should face, what type of hooves can be on the animals you eat, how women should act, etc.  For some reason, many religious leaders are hooked on their stance that homosexuality is a sin and they have let go of many of the old traditions and stances in the Bible.

The bottom line (like Richard Mouw discussed) is that we can relate to each other as divine creatures made by God.  My idea for your next show is to highlight all of the obscure passages in the Bible that we discard and ignore.  Also, it would be good to explore why some people are insecure about their own sexuality and what is it exactly about same sex sex that is so frightening to "conservative" church leaders.  Does "conservative" mean they are not able to notice the many other changes for good that have happened in our culture since biblical times.  Thanks for asking the question. . .