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Wow where to begin on this.

A> your first paragraph is pretty ignorant. I challenge you to replace the word gay, LBGT, etc.. with the word Black or Nergo and see how is sounds to you. I would hope it might upset you.

B> It is kind of you to question my equality in paragraph one and then say you want to protect me. Thanks for nothing. When you speak in an unequal manner you will act as such, it is that simple.

C> We want to be equal it is that simple. But a huge set of us would prefer that the government stop ordaining ANY kind of marriage. I would be happy if this were to come to pass. But once the government ordains anything, it automatically sets up exclusions. You should study the whole concept of "separate but equal" and see how well that worked. We are 110% allowed to have differences of opinions. But when one opinion is to go against a fundamental freedom or to empower the government to treat people as secondary, I am sorry but you opinion is dangerous at best.