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Listening to the podcast, and very grateful for it.

Congratulations on the Webby award.

You said there is a tradition of 5 word acceptance speeches, and asked for suggestions. I have been reading "the Power Of Babel" by John McWhorter, a delightful book about linguistics, and according to the book, there are several languages that pack an entire phrase into one word. Hungarian and Finnish have this property, and there are a few others, but the Inuit languages are the champs. They could pack a whole paragraph into 5 words.

So that's my suggestion, translate it into Inuit!

Here's an example from Wikipedia

I can't hear very well.

This long word is composed of a root word tusaa- - to hear - followed by five suffixes:

-tsiaq- well
-junnaq- be able to
-nngit- not
-tualuu- very much
-junga 1st pers. singular present indicative non-specific

I'd love to know if this works..

Enjoy your show immensely