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I absolutely loved your interview with Jean Vanier. What a joy to hear him speak again. But, of course, I could be prejudiced. I lived for over nine years in a L'Arche community as one of those assistants. I had the privilege of meeting Jean Vanier on several occasions. He is the man he purports to be: humble, kind, intelligent, witty, generous and fun. L'Arche is a place with many faces. It's not always heaven. Frankly, you have to look for it some days. But when you find it, you might just cry, as long as a "core member" doesn't mistake your tears for what happens when you're cutting onions in the kitchen. You can find God in L'Arche, but God is often hidden in the midst of pain and suffering, in the center of frustration and anger, or in the cries of rejection and loneliness. And I'm not talking about just the core members. We're all in this together. I hope you will replay the interview, and for somewhat selfish reasons, I hope you replay the program you did in 2002 on The Arch, the L'Arche community in Clinton, Iowa, where I lived and worked.