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I'm happy that he is not getting his personal satisfaction from Meth, but from something creative like photography, but exactly what is he "sacrificing" for this hobby?  I get his point, but the title seems quite off-putting.  Indeed, what is he "sacrificing".  Fulfilling ourselves with gratifying experiences has its place, but what about our neighbor?  This Twixter generation seems to have its fill of personal interests (albeit often very wholesome and illuminating).  But are they not "sacrificing" some other worthwhile values?  Saving money, making time to be with family, giving to the needy, adopting a child, visiting the sick, buying health insurance, serving others more through your vocation, etc.  This guy seems to be spending it all on his hobby.  People seem willing to "sacrifice" their savings and time with others for an amazing trip to Machu Picchu.  But are they will to sacrifice that trip to Machu Picchu to invest in their children's education?  Indeed, exactly what is he sacrificing?  I gotta insert some tension here.  I know, wet blanket.  Sorry.