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I too was shocked at the lack of environmental care and concern. Simple tarps rather than shallow collection tubs? Then he flings a dripping plate out, as if it would have no impact on the place he was flinging it, really?

This film strikes me as the over-indulgent lark of a self absorbed artist. Resources wasted by a white guy playing it sympathetic. Environmental impact that is undeniably harsh, as is evidenced by the breathing apparatus. I love photography and miss the hands on feel of developing in the dark room too. However, I recognize that all those chemicals I dumped down the drain didn't just disappear down a hole and 'go away'. They, in fact were processed out into the local eco-system at a local facility. This photographer is basically pouring those chemicals on the ground.

Perhaps I could have appreciated his zealous pursuit of his dream of a tangible photograph of a daguerreotype nature, if I were not so shocked by his lack of "Leave No Trace" ethic.

We won't get another planet. Inspire me with the achieved dreams of underprivileged people of color that benefit the planet and communities as a whole. I am tired of seeing white guys produce more products that waste resources and end of in landfills that merely serve to perpetuate unsustainable consumer culture. Show me something truly beautiful.