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I was a bit worried over the opening screen, also. Had a similar reaction. Thought it was a set up for drug addiction and thought it was a story about what he was willing to sacrifice to overcome the self destructive indulgence. Relieved he wasn't making meth! But I agree with your comments, questions of values. After experiencing horrible family arguments over the care of aging family members with dementia, and realizing how some family members don't want the imposition because it isn't fun, intrudes on their lifestyle, can't take the time, I began to wonder about the values of community, the willingness to sacrifice to make another person's life more comfortable when the other person has more than enough 100 times over. it's very discouraging and painful to watch how many have moved away from these concerns. I appreciate the message of taking risks, letting one's guard down to love and be loved or express one's inner creativity and risking failure. Not sure one can grow into an authentic human being without it, but I do wonder how many people in today's society are concerned about those values.