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i agree artists and art are a valuable part of any culture, but i have more than once encountered "artists" who feel that because they do art they are entitled to being carried by the rest of us. for example, i'm in the healing arts, and an aquaintance of mine, an artist, was in pain and needed some help. of course i helped her. she had no money to pay, being an artist who hasn't been actually creating art for a rather long while. but still, i helped her. after she felt better she told me she was thinking about getting a facelift, as she hated the way her face looked as it aged...i was more than a little surprised that she could afford that when she couldn't pay me, but...

this is not the only experience of this kind that i have had with the artist community...word gets around that i'm willing to help people without alot of miney. but at some point, i have rent to pay, and i also have my help the sick. i rarely even think of it. but when i read your comments, i felt the desire to share my own thoughts and experiences.

i have also had artists who insisted on paying full fee, even if it had to come in payments over time, so i'm not saying this is true of all who persue art as a "calling." i'm just wanting to remind people that persuing their calling doesn't mean they are entitled to being carried. they need to carry themselves.