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Charming as this is, it does strike me as something of a Hallmark Card:  a popular classic further sentimentalized by being presented in a medium that is impressive not for the quality of its sound or its interpretative beauty but simply because it works at all.  I'm sure that the folks who put this all together had a wonderful sense of achievement, and the video itself is quite lovely to the extent that I find myself preferring the sound of nearby streams and the sight of the woodland deer much more appealing than the dry clankiness of the 'musical peformance'.

If someone finds this musically inspiring, who am I to gainsay it?  But as a professional musician myself, I am left wondering what more interesting thing could have been achieved by this means than the mere rendition of an already very familiar melody (minus all its other equally important underpinnings).  Indeed, I might ask the question:  would this be anywhere as meaningful to those who say they love this if the tune played were not one they recognized?