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Beautiful, approaching the sacred. I’m reminded of this Q&A from Gary Snyder as related by ritualologist Ron Grimes in his book “Rite Out of Place”:

A young woman asks poet, environmentalist, Buddhist Gary Snyder: "If we have made such good use of animals, eating them, singing about them, drawing them, riding them, and dreaming about them, what do they get back from us?" .. Excellent question," replies Snyder, "directly on the point of etiquette and propriety, and putting it from the animals' side. The Ainu say that the deer, salmon, and bear like our music and are fascinated by our languages. So," continues Snyder, "we sing to the fish or the game, speak words to them, say grace. Periodically, we dance for them. A song for your supper. Performance is currency in the deep world's gift economy."

While on one level this is a commercial, I also see it as a performance for this forest and all of the beings in its ecosystem, even, for all forests on the planet. The video highlights this aspect by turning to the “audience” from time to time—the forest, the deer…we hear birdsong. After all of the tons of throw-away goods made from the flesh and blood of these living trees, this gesture seems a fitting performance—a fitting deposit—into the deep world’s gift economy.