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I've been thinking like that lately, and I couldn't help but think of the line from the movie Dead Poets Society. OK, not the line, but the concept. People need inspiration as much as (some might argue more than) they need medical care. Art gives humankind the motivation to provide those kinds of things for people who need them. It keeps our minds sharp, our hearts soft, and our spirits up, and in the case of *lots* of Americans, our bodies moving. (Now, if you could actually get a person on a treadmill to do some actual work instead.... OK, at least unplug it.... Wait, can someone explain to me why we made powered machines to create work while people are starving for fresh produce?) I hear, you, to be sure, but I'm convinced we need this affluent, now world economy on which to build betterness for everybody. I don't know who gets to say what's balanced and what's not.