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Your simple-mindedness astounds me.
1) How many trees do you think were chopped down to place a oversized xylophone and a couple of film tracks? Well. Not many, thats for sure.
2) If you're talking about the amount of wood it takes to make such a xylophone, there are a lot of other, more pressing environmental issues that aren't being taken care of. Look at the recent slash-burn in Indonesia? If you're truly concerned avout the environment, stop being a ***** and do something actually productive.
3) It's a commercial. Commercials are meant to be DIFFERENT, it's supposed to garner the interests of the viewers. Seriously, how many 300+ notes xylophones have you seen? Evidently, id say its about 1.
4) So a video about an overextended xylophone isn't as interesting as "a human sitting quietly with a wooden encased telephone using the record "App" to capture the "natural sounds"? Really? I mean. It's all about personal preference here, but I really have to disagree.
5) And how does your proposed commercial ADVERTISE the COVER of the phone. You're simply setting the advertisement focus to be the FUNCTIONALITY of the phone in itself, and not the cover.
6) So a couple of people filming a commercial in a forest equates to a large disturbance in the forest such that specifically deers and other creatures might not appreciate it? Tell me, have you been on a hike? I would presume not since you're so concerned about animal disturbance.
Based on your claim of such a drastic disturbance in the forest, we should see that all movies or activities done within the forest be cancelled right? Since they're disturbing the peace. No more forest segmets for anymore movies yes? Bullcrap.
7) About the tune being repititive and boring, can you, kind sir share with us a link to youtube of you playing an original work of art that might perhaps be greater than the work of art Bach composed?
8) Reemphasizing my point, it's a commercial isn't it? Why can't you pompous people appreciate it for what it is? It's not a musical work of art, or an engineering feet, or a world record. It's a commercial, and it's a bloody good one. Enough with the criticism. Please just appreciate the work that they've put into the ad. If you're criticizing someone else's work then pray, show me how an ad is supposed to be done based on YOUR pristine standards. Go ahead and actually produce an advertisement and post it back here. We'll be the judge of whether it's better than this one. That's what the internet's for.