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Yes, it would be appreciated even if not a "known" song. Playing a "well known" song makes it more interesting since the observer knows it s a "real" song played in an unconventional manner. Just making a bunch of notes strung together would be feat enough, but playing a song we recognize makes this even more impressive. The naysayers below are off the mark: this was great! Doing this is just another case of going past the mark: producing a commercial that resonates (pun intended) with the hearer. In Norway I drove down stretches of highway considered dangerous due to weather and such. They put in grooves alongside the lane to make that annoying sound to keep drivers on the straight and narrow. We see them everywhere today. The objective is to keep drivers awake and attentive. Normal grooves do just fine. But the Norwegians went above and beyond meeting the mark. I saw highway signs without words: just music notes. I was curious, but drove on. When my tires hit those grooves, however, they played music due to groove depth, spacing, etc. Music just filled the air! Outstanding! They met the mark, but went far above and beyond the mark. I liked this! And knowing the Japanese, I doubt seriously the wood was wasted. Tchuss!