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I am self taught to play an Aoleian-Skinner Pipe Organ, and was amazed at the time it took Me to learn all the keyboard and stop's basic's alone. This version of a classic put together by a totally different means of instrumentation remind's me of the many different arangement of pipes on the grand Church organ I had to manipulate and trim to get the sound I desired I wanted to achieve by re-aranging many large and small pipe's to match the tonal qualities I was looking for. I have achieved about 80% of the desired sound quality I have been looking for, and am still working to achieve the other 20%. Touch Wood is to be considered a masterpiece! I'm sure with a bit more time and work, they will have mastered a new way to produce the un-usual sound of Music to the delight of many others. I wish them well. C. Lund.