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It is lovely, simplistic, engaging, whimsical. It is true we have different tastes, and that's okay. It's fine to be a purist, and it is also a pleasure to explore a new experience with flexibility. One can still be a personal performance purist.
There is music in every tree and piece of wood; observe the instrument-maker who personally selects slabs that will become beautiful stringed instruments with beautiful music waiting to be coaxed out!
It' is another perspective on "performance art," and the forest is performing as well as the mechanical instrument; we can hear them both and focus where we desire.
The setup preparation was done by a true team, not terribly unlike a symphony orchestra working together in rehearsing its piece. There was a glimpse that looked to me like a bag for catching or gathering up scraps or trash, leaving the Nature as it was found. It may be quite likely that the entire assemblage was removed to leave the forest as it was found. That could be an additional film....