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I've never heard this song before, but the engineering skill required to make this all work combined with the elegant nature themed simplicity of the instrument is quite lovely. You focus too heavily on what is missing in the song because of the limited scope of the instrument with out realizing or simply ignoring the nature theme. Everything about this is based on wood. The instrument is wood hitting wood, while in the woods, to sell an organic shaped object which also uses wood. It all comes together, with the sound of the instrument itself only being one element, but an important one, among several. It's not just about the music, Perhaps it's time that you stepped beyond your own box to recognize the whole of the project. You're too heavily focused on what you wish to be accomplished musically, and what you personally find pleasing to the ear. Watch it again, but this time with out such a condescending view point. On top of that, it's a commercial. It's meant to sell. You're going to complain that in an attempt to connect with buyers they chose a song that the majority of viewers had likely already heard and are fond of? At this point, it seems as if you've missed the point and the intentions of the creators on perhaps ever single possible level.