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FWIW there were probably 20 people on that production team, tromping around in the woods, but I digress... Yes, it's a commercial - the "good" or "bad" of which will be analyzed and judged by one metric - the number of wood-covered cell phones it sells. My beef about commercials like this - they show the lovely pristine forest with the wonderful music-art-sculpture-whatever. What they don't show you is the environmental disaster that is probably being created where they manufacture those phones, nor do they show you the hundreds of human slaves working for $2/day in China or Vietnam to assemble those phones. I have seen those sweatshops firsthand. Workers toiling away for next to nothing, with unbelievably bad working conditions. Most people in the west wouldn't want their dog to live those conditions - yet it's A-OK for Asian kids as long as the price of those phones stays as low as possible.