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THANK YOU! Thank you, Meredith, Anne, and Krista!  I am lying with my computer on my heart, still circling, in the ancient/new tower, still not knowing if I am a great storm, or a falcon, or a luminous song...Meredith, I have loved your music, your voices, your audible vision for decades...some tracks are on my Yin Yoga tap deep, resonate with harmonics of sound and feeling and, like a murmuration, entrance and liberate simultaneously.

Thank you, Meredith. For all the years, thank you. For all the iterations. For "Dawn" and "Quarry Song," and "Quarry Weave," and a performance at St. Mike's years and years ago...AND for enduring and transcending your terror, for currying your curiosity, thank you. Bless you, bless you, bless you...Sansea