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A considerable amount of time passed before I knew I understood what Jay was talking about. The light came on when I allowed "imperfection" to mean our effort to fill the void, which is my convenient way of saying, trying to give meaning to our lives. I identify 8 more or less distinct ways. Race fits best in to our preeminence reaction to the void which means trying to give meaning to our lives by being, best, first, most powerful etc. Light has always been preferred over darkness, white over black so there is an inherited perception that being white has always given those who are a sense of meaning.

Another way we try to fill the void is with our religious/philosophical reaction. It can stand alone but is invariably twisted with the preeminence reaction to the void. Are there proponents of any religion who do not think their beliefs are not just the best but are the only ones and that the world will be "good" when everyone else accepts their beliefs?

It is based on my understanding that I suggest the path "to becoming a good person, a better human being" is not to "embrace our own imperfections" but rather to discard them. Only when we empty the void we are able to embrace the "ideal reaction" to it, to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God and become a best human being.