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Love this quote:  “We are not good despite our imperfections. It is the connection we maintain with our imperfections that allow us to be good.”

It sounds like the right basis for defining Peace as well.
If we really want Peace, then we need to think not about the justifications for war - but the ways in which we can create Peace in our hearts. Peace is not simply removing all aggressive actions - it is a state of mind that
allows us to feel compassion and understanding for that 'hated other'.
If all weapons were to suddenly vanish from the earth - the fear anger
& hatred would still be present, and this is what is preventing

Ultimately this question is not about who is "right". It is about
whether human beings are capable of fully owning the consequences of
their actions - atoning for all the harm we cause others - and then
facing our fears & finding if we are capable of loving all the
ugliness in ourselves that we project onto others. We need to look into
the eyes of that other & find that we can forgive ourselves.

We need each other to find what love is.