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Personally I am so happy that On Being exists, a place where reasonable people can have meaningful and intelligent conversations about faith.  Maybe you, "godbuster", have decided to put the God question at rest, but for billions of people, many of whom are scientists, the possibility of a divine creator will continue to inspire us to think differently about all the mysteries of the universe we can not yet comprehend.  You may be satisfied with a nihilistic view of things, but luckily yours is not the final say.  We cannot know the truth of all things in this life, so I am happy to keep an open mind about the existence of God.  If you don't like the thoughtful, faith-centered conversations of On Being, you can take your arrogant, absolutist views somewhere else.

Very inspirations talk Steve Jobs!  I love how he stuck the fact that he succeeded without college to all the stuffy Stanford professors.  Stay hungry, and stay foolish.