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Good Day Folks My name is Steven Whiteside,
      Just as Steve Jobs, Randy Pausch, and Al Davis, I too have a dream to find what is it that drives me to be accomplished every day at what seems to be a defeating task, teaching others. The only difference is that I am not dyeing. Though I am forced to live every day a death because our culture has forges death in us to give life to so many different cultural events, and personal respects. Here is a perfect example today is Columbus Day our Public Courts our closed our schools are not. You see how interests in the United State and it holiday divide’s our branches of government. These same campaign divided Steve Jobs Fortune 500 Company, Randy Paush’s Fortune 500 Company, and Al Davises franchise.
      Steve Jobs created the Apple Computer. His invention was ripped away from him by a bunch of bureaucrats. Randy Paush created Market America, Wall Street replacement because it Online feature suited trading and world trading immensely. Though, the world I believe in , our United States, is not ready for Randy Paush and his invention.  Then Al Davis the all-time Raider, the black and white  cookie,  a two time World Champion, two Super Bowl Victories you all do know they took his famous role away as a Super Bowl Champion. The NFL accused Al Davis of insider gabling and stripped him of his Victory. He filed suet and the NFL gave him his Super Bowl Title. Being accomplished was not enough for any one of these guy’s. They had to win big.
      All three are victims to greed  that this United States, Brock Obama Campaign, and all of his ant semantics continue to praise as leadership qualities today. These were great leaders. Steve Jobs "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish." Randy Paush "Live Life To The Fullest", Al Davis "All You Got To Do Is Win Baby."   These are our countries fortune, our counties precious  “Rockefellers”. If  I were to be commissioned to paint a portrait of any one of these men it would not be a shameful career task, even to paint their portrait  on the exterior wall of the “Bank of the United States” or the “World Trade Center”. There are no better leaders, there are no better heroes, there are no better investment because they counted on themself, they did not put their trust in anyone to be left unfulfilled.
       My father was a hero he spent 17 years in the South Pacific fighting a foreign war, "Vietnam". This country, the United States”, as well "gave me the finger", and ripped me off. I never received a day of respect, a flag , compensation, education, not anything for my father 17 years military service to "Vietnam". I just happened to read his obituary the day it was published in our local paper. Though I make my father a respected man every day I get out of bed and face this not so equal life in the United States that many foreigners contend as there last stand. I am for my  father, his effort, his death,  what he seen in "Vietnam", and I am for his Military Service to our Nation the United States even though our Nation is responsible for my father’s death. The United State Of American and it citizens took my father life I s never to be together because many immigrants need to discover something they already know so well, sovereignty. As sovereignty could not be spared in1979, before, and now, today we cannot be spared the loss of Steve Jobs.  Though many immigrant each day flow into our country are being honored with this country’s greatest enrichments and a life fulfilled by freedom we stole away Steve Jobs honorable respect. And now once again with our heads in our hands as Americans we beg for his forgiveness.
      I put myself through grade school, high school, and now college.  I do not have not one individual or a Nation holding holding a candle for me.  My life is structured and progressed by my own action, my own finances, and my own blood. I too have had everything I ever created or earned taken from me. Though, I am in good health today. I am grateful to be a United State Citizen. It is hard to find any one representing the United State and standing proud of doing so as Steve Jobs. I am grateful for Steve Jobs and his creation the Apple Computer, and his life.  I am a writer and not a teacher. I to learned to “connect the dots”.
      Steve Jobs, Randy Pausch, and Al Davis were all proud of honoring the United States and make life what they can make of it in the United States. They two knew just how to be American. They knew to value their trust. They knew they should not ever just allow anyone to have a hay day with their trust. They could not even place their trust in our President, now and then. Because of Steve Jobs effort with the Apple Computer many people  puts dinner  on a tables they own, and they enjoy dinner every night with their families. Just look at Steve Jobs fortune today he surely cannot defend another take over, a front as a thieves lye, he's dead, and his best friend owns it all, in away his best friend is taking credit for putting dinner on his family table, even purchasing his families table.
      God blessed Steve Jobs, God Blessed our Nation, and God Blessed Randy Paush and Al Davis, just as well because they all new how to hate people, they knew how to hate thieves, they knew how to hate intruders and they did this to preserve their health. Long live our God in heaven and long live his angels Steve Jobs, Randy Paush, and Al Davis who teach our God how to hate wholesomely..
Steven Whiteside